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Benzinga | Decluttering Boom: INPress International Launches Guide to Help Downsizing Americans Adapt to Post-Pandemic Life

Young Lady Enjoy Reading Goodbuy, Things! | INPress International
Young Lady Enjoy Reading Goodbuy, Things! | INPress International

SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2024 /Utopia Newswire/ -- Explore how Fan Xi Yu's new guide helps Americans adapt to post-pandemic living by decluttering efficiently. Discover strategies for downsizing homes amid workspace changes and stress from clutter, offering a blueprint for minimalism and well-being.

As working and living environments evolve, decluttering expert Fan Xi Yu is launching a new guide to help Americans streamline their homes for more efficient post-pandemic living.

In “GoodBuy, Things!” (INPress Self-Help Science), Fan addresses the surge in decluttering amid ongoing workspace changes and uncertainty. Recent surveys found 64% of Americans own too many possessions and nearly half experience stress from clutter.

With companies embracing hybrid and remote work models long-term, many workers are reducing personal square footage. Fan’s book helps resize living spaces economically while maintaining quality of life.

“So much excess has accumulated as our lifestyles changed abruptly,” said INPress publisher Sydney Sweet. “Fan's guidance comes at a critical time of widespread domestic downsizing and renewing focus on what truly sparks joy in life.”

The book coaches strategic decluttering room-by-room and surfaces items donors seek most. Early adopters report raising $1,000 on average from decluttered goods—money better spent on experiences that enrich daily lives rather than deplete storage.

As real estate demands shift, "Goodbuy, Things!" creates a blueprint for reducing living costs through minimalism while boosting well-being. With 64% of Americans open to downsizing, the book could reshape post-pandemic living nationwide.

Available wherever books are sold including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and independent retailers, Fan's guidance arrives as multitudes embrace hybrid schedules requiring optimized domestic functionality. Her method offers keys to post-pandemic domesticity through mindful minimization.

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