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Warren H. Lau | Author 

Warren H. Lau is currently C.E.O. of a tech firm, and has many years of experience in overseeing web-based development projects.

The main duty of his job is to design and oversee the development of usable websites, mobile sites and mobile apps that are user friendly and immune to cyberattacks; at the same time, lead the marketing team to achieve business success.

Warren H. Lau is the author of several bestselling books on Digital Marketing, include "The YouTube Marketing Handbook", "All SEO Secrets" and "Boost Your Revenue 500% with ChatGPT".

Before Warren H. Lau begins his career in the technology industry, he spent more than ten years in the investment career, and succeeded through a combined application of fundamental, technical and news analysis. He summarized all his knowledge and experience and published his investment book series: "Winning Strategies of Professional Investment".

His publications are available at Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Everand, Smashwords, Apple Books, OverDrive Libraries, Borrow Box, Palace Marketplace, Books a Million, and other major bookstores.

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Below are the publication works by Warren H. Lau

Invest and Earn Quick | Book Cover
The Alchemy of Investment | Book Cover
All SEO Secrets | Book Cover
Your System's Sweetspots | Book Cover
The Quantum Strategy | Book Cover
Quantum Strategy II | Book Cover
Work 2.0 | Book Cover
The Youtube Marketing Handbook | Book Cover
Boost Your Revenue 500% with ChatGPT  | Book Cover
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