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OUR STORY | INPress International

INPress International was founded in 2021 by Utopia Online Limited with a vision to become the leading digital publishing partner for independent authors around the world. Utopia Online Limited saw an opportunity to utilize modern technologies to help connect talented writers, artists and content creators with global audiences at an unprecedented scale.

The company officially launched in July 2021 with a small publishers and authors network across Asia and North America. INPress International allowed global authors and creators to publish locally priced ebooks, audiobooks and paperbacks quickly while retaining copyright ownership.

Now, INPress International continues working to realize its mission of connecting authors, creators and audiences around the world through innovative digital technologies. INPress International remain committed to championing new voices and untold stories from every corner of the globe through an inclusive and empowering approach. They are dedicated to building INPress International into a creative platform that will stand the test of time.

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