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Let's face it. The traditional schooling system's focus on computer science is severely inadequate. In order to survive an ever developing computer driven world, in order to equip yourselves or your children with sufficient computer knowledge, so to have better employment or better living standards, the smart choice will be to seek new solutions from experts who have already spent decades in this field.And that is why the cyber education series, "CEO’s Advice on Computer Science", is published for you.In this series, we would discuss the most sought after topics in Computer Science, including SEO, ASO, Cybersecurity, Computer Programming, Coding Skills, eCommerce, and other useful techniques that you would find very useful in your future career path, whether you wish to seek a job in large companies or tech firms, or even though you wish to run your own startup.

Now Available in eBook:

Also Available in Paperback:

Books in This Series

All SEO Secrets | Book Cover
Your System's Sweetspots | Book Cover
Work 2.0 | Book Cover
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