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All SEO Secrets

CEO’s Advice on Becoming SEO Expert​​

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Book Synopsis

If you only want one book for learning SEO, this will be your choice! In this book, I am not going to repeat SEO = Search Engine Optimization. Let’s get straight to the topic! In this book, you'll learn how to get out into the field and start your journey to become an SEO expert in easy steps. With some research and a lot of practice, anyone can learn how to do SEO for their business. Knowing SEO and how to use it properly can make a huge difference in the future of your websites. In this book, topics covered include: the history of search engines, how do nowadays search engines operate, understanding the search engine crawlers, algorithms and page rank, and the html coding skills, copywriting skills to master in order to build the most search engine optimized websites and mobile sites, and rank in the first page of SERP. "ALL SEO SECRETS is the most valuable book on the topic we have EVER purchased." - Catherin M. "My Business is getting better and better as I learn more about it. This is unbelievable. After applying the knowledge in this book my buisness skyrocketed!" - Lindsey E. Ellen "ALL SEO SECRETS saved my business. After readin ALL SEO SECRETS my business grown exponentially! You've saved our business! ALL SEO SECRETS is exactly what our business has been lacking." - Eleonora T. Johnson

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Warren H. Lau is currently C.E.O. of a tech firm, and has many years of experience in overseeing web-based development projects.

The main duty of his job is to design and oversee the development of usable websites, mobile sites and mobile apps that are user friendly and immune to cyberattacks; at the same time, lead the marketing team to achieve business success.

Before Warren H. Lau begins his career in the technology industry, he spent more than ten years in the investment career, and succeeded through a combined application of fundamental, technical and news analysis. He summarized all his knowledge and experience and published his investment book series: "Winning Strategies of Professional Investment".

Let's face it. The traditional schooling system's focus on computer science is severely inadequate. In order to survive an ever developing computer driven world, in order to equip yourselves or your children with sufficient computer knowledge, so to have better employment or better living standards, the smart choice will be to seek new solutions from experts who have already spent decades in this field.

And that is why the cyber education series, "CEO’s Advice on Computer Science", is published for you.

In this series, we would discuss the most sought after topics in Computer Science, including SEO, ASO, Cybersecurity, Computer Programming, Coding Skills, eCommerce, and other useful techniques that you would find very useful in your future career path, whether you wish to seek a job in large companies or tech firms, or even though you wish to run your own startup.

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