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GoodBuy, Things!

Written by: Fan Xi Yu

GoodBuy, Things! eBook ENG Cover

Book Synopsis

Why Our Homes Are Full of Stuffs That We Don’t Need: A Look at Materialism and Our Spiritual Well-Being We all want our homes to be comfortable, inviting and clutter-free, but often, our homes are overrun with senseless objects bought on impulse or without a true purpose. Why Our Homes Are Full of Stuffs that We Don’t Need takes a deeper look at why we fill our homes with useless clutter and how this affects our spiritual well-being. The book explains that the cluttered and chaotic homes we live in is a direct symptom of materialism running rampant in our society today. We are always looking for ways to buy more things, whether it be with the latest trends, marketing campaigns, or just playing into our own sense of insecurity. In extreme cases, some people accumulate so much stuff that their homes become cramped, cramped and health- hazgered, deteriorating their mental and physical health. The book goes on to explore why materialism does not make us happy. Although retail therapy might offer temporary relief, it can quickly lead to guilt and overspending, creating a cycle of unhappiness. As we seek validation in things that don’t provide any true fulfillment, we become disconnected from our life’s mission and from a spiritual perspective. The book illuminates how reorganizing our home and giving ourselves permission to part with the things we don't need can help restore balance to our lives. It explains that taking control of the clutter around us can be beneficial for our mental health and for our spiritual journey. Should you choose to read this book, you can expect to learn about how your home can become a sanctuary of peace and why materialism will not make us happy. You will be provided with a roadmap of reorganizing your home to create a more balanced living environment and reap the rewards of spiritual well-being.

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In The Press

There is a need to draw our attention to our spiritual well-being. We spend years in schools to learn about languages we speak, and train our brains in acquiring knowledge for our professional career. We spend our most precious years of youth in training our brains to work for large corporations, how to use our brain to work for someone else, to help the already very rich people to become even richer and happier, to achieve THEIR DREAMS.

Despite of this, our schools and our societies did never teach ourselves how to use our brains correctly to achieve OUR DREAMS and our happiness.

What is missing in the educational system, in my opinion, is the importance of spiritual well-being and mental health of the students. Apart from enriching our brains, it is time for us to learn how to enrich our hearts and souls.

And that is why we start publishing this series called “INPress Self-Help Science”.

Let's face it. Our current educational system is no longer enough to support our society’s development needs. People born under the new generations seek for meanings in life, and hence several decades onward, I foresee that smart governments will eventually notice the importance of spiritual health and positive thinking in the school curriculums

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