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Book Review: China’s Comeback from Proof Positive

While the world still contemplates on how impossible for China to solve her current economic problems, Warren H. Lau provides us a solution: Agricultural modernization, drive people into cities to absorb excess urban housing supply.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing real estate crisis, China faces a pivotal moment defining its economic trajectory and role in the world. This book analyzes the country’s current challenges centered around a depressed property market and excess housing supply. It argues that strategic policy reforms focusing on agricultural modernization can spark a revitalization.

Through heavy investment in automation and technology to boost productivity on farms, China can wean itself off intensive labor-based farming. This would spare millions of workers who could migrate to cities as new residents and occupants for the oversupplied urban real estate. With more human capital populating urban centers, demand for housing and domestic consumption of goods and services would rise.

The book outlines how coordinating initiatives across infrastructure, public works, tourism and development can convert rural economies, depopulate the countryside and smoothly reallocate human resources. Such an orchestrated effort can relieve stresses in the property sector, stabilize the financial system and refill urban population density. With a rebalancing of China’s internal dynamics, strong ripple effects are plausible across global trade, investment and economic cooperation.

Editorial Reviews:

China’s Comeback: Transforming Economies in the Post-Pandemic Era is a remarkable book that offers valuable insights into China’s economic resurgence. Warren’s expertise, authority, and trustworthiness shine through in his thorough analysis and well-researched content. Whether you are an economist, a business professional, or simply curious about China’s economic growth, this book is a must-read.To gain a comprehensive understanding of China’s economic transformation and its impact on the global stage, purchase your copy of China’s Comeback: Transforming Economies in the Post-Pandemic Era today.      Reviewed by:

About the Author

Warren H. Lau is currently C.E.O. of a tech firm, and has many years of experience in overseeing web-based development projects.

The main duty of his job is to design and oversee the development of usable websites, mobile sites and mobile apps that are user friendly and immune to cyberattacks; at the same time, lead the marketing team to achieve business success. Before Warren H. Lau begins his career in the technology industry, he spent more than ten years in the investment career, and succeeded through a combined application of fundamental, technical and news analysis. He summarized all his knowledge and experience and published his investment book series: “Winning Strategies of Professional Investment”.


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