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This Book Wants You To Be Happy!

Written by: Angela Nancy

This Book Wants You To Be Happy! Cover Design

Book Synopsis

The pandemic influences everybody, I realize it not easy to have lost somebody dear to us, or our dream jobs, or our opportunity for education. We need to take better care of our mental and spiritual well-being. I started writing this book for this reason. Long-term mental health damage will result from prolonged social, family, and financial turmoil. However, if we address these issues promptly, we may still be able to prevent a season of mourning from becoming a lifetime of mourning. Being a millennial at birth is a blessing. As a result, society views me as such, as do my peers, and I, like the majority of millennials, reject such labels. Until I met my future husband and got to know his family, I didn't know much about the baby-boomer generation or the silent generations. Then, I see that the "characteristics" of millennials that the internet describes are somewhat accurate. I predicted that the Covid-19 pandemic, which began in January 2020 and affected the majority of the world's population, would end within a few months. I ended up paying a lot for these wrong calculations. My life was halted here for two years due to the closure of the borders between nations, and my financial stress began to become overwhelming. I had no idea that I would one day write books. I decided to start writing books because the pandemic, this unique circumstance, forced me to pursue a completely new career path. The next concern is which subjects to write about. As a result, I begin to write about self-help books. I believe that humanity as a whole has undergone something unprecedented in our time, and it will take several years to recover from such a traumatic experience, even after the pandemic has passed. Be optimistic at all times and in any circumstance. The external world is beyond our control; We can only control ourselves. The chaos and danger are real. However, being either optimistic or pessimistic is merely a decision that we are free to make. During the COVID-19 pandemic, my fiancé taught me this. I hope this will assist you in overcoming any challenging circumstances.

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Angela Nancy was born in Charleston, South Carolina. Born to a single parented family, Angela Nancy was desperate to feel fatherly love when she was young. Her longing for a father figure attention did led her to fall in love with caution, and caused dramas in her romantic life. The wounds from her childhood manifest in her poetry, when you read between the lines, you could feel her poetic, passionate, yet bitter sweet loneliness.

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